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It is playtime in the realm of moving pictures with Steph, Ben & Bucks, traversing the vortex of strange connections, unusual histories and lunatic ideas that have made cinema the amazing art that it is. Each week we’ll take a topic and see what buried treasure we can unearth as we wander across a wealth of ideas and perspectives. The video store may be gone, but the Video Vortex lives forever.

VV Drive-In Ep02: Charles Pieper

October 28th, 2020

We welcome filmmaker Charles Pieper to the mic, discussing his excellent short horror film MALACOSTRACA, animation & experimental & Czech cinema! The hidden dangers of losing your mind in short films, festivals, random film recommendations! Join us at the Drive-In for a Video Vortex spookfest!

Find Charles Pieper on Twitter or Letterboxd.

View Malacostraca on Vimeo.

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Episode 04: Witches

October 16th, 2020

Continuing our October season of the strange and spooky, our triumvirate coven take a stroll through the woods with a variety of witches from all walks of cinema. An incredibly diverse figure both in fiction and history, we consider some of the socio-cultural implications of this evolving archetype and discuss our favourite witchy films for Old Hallow's Eve!

Please note: We swapped the episode order to do a full month of Halloween themes, hence the reference to discussing Häxan in a previous episode. Our first November episode will be on documentaries and will feature more Häxan talk!


Vortex Rewind Recommendation:

The 1983 regional American tale of witchcraft, EYES OF FIRE.

Transformations, in 1972 a collective of women from Vermont create an experimental short depicting a coven in daily life.


Recommended Sources:

Dig Podcast - Witches Series

Witch Wave Podcast

Brother Ben's Letterboxd List of Witches in Film

Gazing At The Witches: From Women On The Verge Of A Breakdown To Reclaiming The Eco Witch In 1960s-1970s Film

Film School Rejects: Witches on Screen

Criterion: Häxan The Real Unreal


Music created by Fadge @McNandos & remixed by Ben Volchok.

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VV Drive-In Episode 01: The Marshes

October 7th, 2020

Arrive at the Video Vortex Drive-In, where we interview film and media folks about their projects, experiences, and film loves. Our first episode of Drive-In features Christine Tan & Roger Scott, the producer & the writer/director of Australian indie horror film The Marshes. We discuss the highs & lows of indie filmmaking along with environmental horror & shooting in the remotest of locations.

We will be continuing our weekly release schedule, however we will be alternating episodes between our topic discussion eps and the Drive-In. All the better to bring you more research and entertainment.

Official The Marshes Website

The Marshes On Letterboxd.

Episode 03: Cars

September 29th, 2020

Cars and cinema have been on a long journey together. We are thumbing a ride to discuss society's relationship with cars, how the car functions in films, and the many ways in which car and cinema culture have crossed paths. Switch on the stereo and get ready for a roadcast to hell and back!

We are steadily improving our audio quality, thank you for baring with us.


Show Notes:

Recommended Viewings: The Devil At Your Heels

Recommended Readings: J.G. Ballard's Crash, Georges Bataille's Erotism: Death and Sensuality, Robert Romanyshyn's Technology as Symptom and Dream


Music created by Fadge @McNandos & remixed by Ben Volchok.

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Episode 02: National Cinema

September 16th, 2020

Where else to start asking questions about cinema than at home? Steph, Ben & Bucks head down the rabbit hole of National Cinema - what is it, what is it not, what can we learn from it, & what does cinema say about our concept of a national identity? 

Focusing on Australian cinema, we still find time to do a couple of stopovers around the world. We also introduce a new recommendations corner for free films available online that relate to our topic of the week.


Show Notes:

Recommended Viewings: A.K.A Serial Killer & Nice Coloured Girls.

Recommended Readings: The hills have ideologies: The fûkeiron tradition in Japanese landscape cinema.

Packaging Australia: Working Dog’s The Dish.


Music created by Fadge @McNandos & remixed by Ben Volchok.

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Episode 01: A Whirlwind Introduction

September 13th, 2020

In which Steph, Ben & Ben (aka Bucks) launch upon a new adventure in cinematic discussion, introducing ourselves & discussing what this podcast will be (psssst it's about film!).

Future episodes will be based around specific concepts relating to cinema, in the meantime we ramble & experiment as we find our audio feet. Sound quality will improve; Nonsense may continue. 

Music created by Fadge @McNandos & remixed by Ben Volchok.

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