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It is playtime in the realm of moving pictures with Steph, Ben & Bucks, traversing the vortex of strange connections, unusual histories and lunatic ideas that have made cinema the amazing art that it is. Each week we’ll take a topic and see what buried treasure we can unearth as we wander across a wealth of ideas and perspectives. The video store may be gone, but the Video Vortex lives forever.

Episode 02: National Cinema

September 16th, 2020

Where else to start asking questions about cinema than at home? Steph, Ben & Bucks head down the rabbit hole of National Cinema - what is it, what is it not, what can we learn from it, & what does cinema say about our concept of a national identity? 

Focusing on Australian cinema, we still find time to do a couple of stopovers around the world. We also introduce a new recommendations corner for free films available online that relate to our topic of the week.


Show Notes:

Recommended Viewings: A.K.A Serial Killer & Nice Coloured Girls.

Recommended Readings: The hills have ideologies: The fûkeiron tradition in Japanese landscape cinema.

Packaging Australia: Working Dog’s The Dish.


Music created by Fadge @McNandos & remixed by Ben Volchok.

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Episode 01: A Whirlwind Introduction

September 13th, 2020

In which Steph, Ben & Ben (aka Bucks) launch upon a new adventure in cinematic discussion, introducing ourselves & discussing what this podcast will be (psssst it's about film!).

Future episodes will be based around specific concepts relating to cinema, in the meantime we ramble & experiment as we find our audio feet. Sound quality will improve; Nonsense may continue. 

Music created by Fadge @McNandos & remixed by Ben Volchok.

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